May 30

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May 30

Brando C: How Did I Learn English?

Well, guys, as you may know, I am from Colombia and of course, my first language is Spanish.I grew up with my 3 cousins and I was the younger one but they were very into anglo pop music and videogames in that time, not all the videogames had a translation for every country as now they have it, but thanks to my cousins, videogames and the music they listen too I started to get interested in English and I start to practice English with them. I started to know a lot of words cause I was like the assistant of my cousins cause I have a good memory I wanted to study English I finish my course like a month ago and that is how I learn English. and I will like to tell to every one of you that learning a new language is one of the best and most magical thing ever! doesn’t matter if you are a very old person or a young person! learn a new language! learning is fun Kisses and hugs xoxo

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